Monterey Cylinder

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Model # Outside Dia. Inside Dia. Height Rim Weight Lbs
MC1816 18″ 14″ 16″ ** 2″ 14
MC2418 24″ 20″ 18″ ** 2″ 21
MC3018 30″ 23-1/2″ 18″ ** 3-1/4″ 29
MC3624 36″ 27-1/2″ 24″ ** 4-1/4″ 45

Measurement of Dia.

** The fabrication method used in the production of these planters enables us to easily reduce the height of the planter. A reduction in height at the time of order may not require an up-charge. Please contact us for details.


Beige 01 Citrus 02 Ochre 03 Lime 04 Teal 05 Aqua 06 Blue 07 Toast 08 Clay 09 Terra 10 Copper 11 Bronze 12 Chocolate 13 Dark Wine 14 White 15 Light Gray 16 Aluminum 17 Med Gray 18 Taupe 19 Dark Gray 20 Black 21

(* from left to right: Gloss, Orange Peel, Sand, Matte)

Color Disclaimer

Colors and finishes are presented as accurately as your screen allows and may not be accurate. If color and finish are critical, order a color/finish sample before placing your order. Old Town Fiberglass can only ensure that actual product colors and finishes are a close match to our production samples.

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Internal Reservoir

An fiberglass, perforated “sub-floor” is positioned 3″ above the planter floor. This partition allows water to drain into the reservoir below. The reservoir acts as an irrigation system by watering the plant’s root ball. The sub-floor is permanently laminated into the liner but upon request may be made removable. An optional drain can be installed in the sub-floor to ensure that water does not rise above this level—there is never any concern of overfilling. Upon request an optional threaded drain fitting with screw cap is provided for easily controlled drainage. This drain can be connected to a permanent PVC drain line (by others) for added convenience.

For typical irrigation, water thoroughly from the top to be sure all the soil has been moistened and the water reservoir is full. Begin normal water frequency (once every one to two weeks). Let the plant use the water retained in the reservoir before watering again.

Sub-irrigated foliage benefits from “lighter” mixes with larger particles and more air space. Prepare the soil above the sub-floor with coarse perlite. Filter fabric may be used at this point to prevent soil and roots from entering the reservoir.

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Drain Holes


Heavy-duty swivel casters are optional for many planters—contact Old Town Fiberglass for applicability and up-charge.

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