Fiberglass Planters Near Seattle

For over 30 years, landscape architects, building owners, businesses and contractors in Seattle have turned to Old Town Fiberglass for commercial fiberglass planters, fiberglass receptacles and liners as a cost effective, user-friendly alternative to traditional, expensive concrete and earthenware planters. And for good reason; we have an amazing selection of lightweight commercial fiberglass planters and containers a gorgeous palette of available colors, endless color-matching and customizing capabilities, and we’re pioneers when it comes to the creation of compelling new textures and finishes.

At Old Town Fiberglass, we design and manufacture all of our products—including extremely large and unusually shaped fiberglass planters and water features—right here in the USA, with experience and expertise that is unrivaled in our industry.

Our story doesn’t stop there, though. We’ve become the first choice for landscape architects and designers in Seattle not only because of our lightweight fiberglass planters and products, but because we are committed to exceeding the expectations of each and every customer, regardless of the size of their project.

To put it simply, Old Town Fiberglass is the go-to solution for lightweight fiberglass planters in Seattle!

Why Fiberglass Planter, Liners and Site Furnishings?

Precast concrete planters cannot be repaired, are not waterproof and are extremely heavy requiring a crane and a crew to install as compared to commercial fiberglass planters.

Our specialties include:

Large commercial fiberglass planters, fiberglass pots, fiberglass receptacles and fiberglass bowls
Standard size commercial fiberglass planters
Modern styled fiberglass planters
Traditionally styled fiberglass planters
Commercial fiberglass seating and benches
Made-to-order custom fiberglass products, colors and textures

When it comes to commercial fiberglass in Seattle, WA, your first—and only—choice for quality, selection and service is Old Town Fiberglass!

Give us a call today at: 714.633.3732 or email us here

Old Town Fiberglass has been crafting fiberglass planters for 30 years making us first choice for landscape architects, owners & contractors around Seattle

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