You can expect your fiberglass planter to have a long lifespan with proper care and maintenance. We at Old Town Fiberglass have designed our planters to hold up to the elements. However, we still recommend regular cleaning.

Old Town Fiberglass Planter behind the scenes

Working on a planter at Old Town Fiberglass facility in Orange, CA

Here are three tips to clean and maintain your fiberglass planter:

1. For Gloss, Matte and Orange peel fiberglass planter textures, use a soft cloth to scrub off debris from your planter. For Sand texture, use water and a soft brush to scrub off debris from your planter. Do not use a hard brush or steel wool.

2. For added protection, you can use a small coating of wax. We recommend doing this periodically, especially on the gloss and orange peel finishes. A good automotive wax can be used.

3. Mild scuffing and scratches? Do a little paint touch-up and for scratches and stains, you can use an auto or marine-grade buffing compound before buffing and polishing the planter with an automotive wax.

Colorful Old Town Fiberglass Planters